Space Exploration and Colonization

Aside from the benefits of providing employment to people who have no chance of employment on Earth, other incentives would make this alternative more financially attractive.

Thus a few things need to be worked out (to understate).

In what other real ways can human kind benefit from living and working off-world (at first the planets of our solar system, then as technology progresses, other solar systems)?

  1. Are there resources “out there” that can benefit the population on Earth?
  2. Will the very fact that we force ourselves to go off world lead to technological breakthroughs?
  3. What are these breakthroughs likely to be?


What kind of real investment would be needed in order enable humans to practically live and work in space and on other worlds?

  1. A workable and expandable Mars colony
  2. The space vehicles necessary to populate and supply such colonies
  3. ???

With adequate financial commitment, what time frame is likely for realizing practical colonnization?