Resource-based Economy – a World Without Money

How Technology can free human beings

A 10 minute clip from the movie Zeitgeist: Addendum. (see below)

Jacques Fresco explains his ideal world that incorporates a resource-based system:

Current capital systems are by their very nature fascist and exploitative.

Up until now, human labor has been necessary in order to provide products and services, but the price has been high.

Employment – doing jobs because you have to in order to make a living – is essentially paid slavery. People work at the whim of their employers and the jobb market. Really, only people who currently make a living from their passions and are not vulnerable to economic fluctuations are the only people who are free. Such people currently, however, make up a very small percentage of the population.

Technology – robots and computers – could take over most jobs currently done by humans. So how would/will people live if they have no moneyearning jobs?

It would also make most laws obsolete, since technology can regulate most things that laws attempt to regulate.

In addition, a new economy would remove the causes for most forms of crime. It is remarkable that the United States – perhaps the most liberal free market society “enjoys” the highest rate of incarceration.

Resource-based Economy

No money, or other form of bartering exchange.

A world united so as to manage the Earth’s resources in order to provide people with a basic standard of living and allowing people to pursue their passions.

Technology can take over about 90% of jobs currently performed by humans.

A world without money is more than just imagination; it is very possible. Jacque Fresco believes if we decide to do this today, all things about this world can be achieved within only 10 years!

We are taught differently:

Work as a virtue, earning a living by your labor.

The argument goes that if people did not have jobs they would become lethargic and decadent.

Education could make people aware of the opprotunities waiting for people who are free to engage in pursuits of their own choosing.

And don’t forget the opportunites that space exploration can provide!



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