The New Meritocracy?

Is a Meritocracy inevitable?

Meritocracy – due to its application in the past – has often had negative connotation.

The problem has always been: who gets to determine the criteria for merit and what the criteria are.

In order to get mankind to accept such a system, it all comes to:

  • The criteria for merit
  • How criteria will be determined and
  • The transparency of setting criteria

The allocation of the world’s wealth towards providing living conditions for people would be comprised of three categories:

Basics – everyone is entitled to

  • Food and clothing
  • Accommodation
  • Health care and education
  • Entertainment

Extras / Incentives

Credits can be awarded based on meritocracy scale. Credits can be used for acquiring “better” accommodations, travel and additional entertainment.

Credits can also be exchanged in return of extra products or services (so the free market does not completely die out).

For example, an artist who gains a following may sell his work for credits.


Wealth needed to fund technological, medical (etc.) research, production, exploration, et al.


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